Welcome to the Historic Crystal Theatre  

This is just an intermission…

 While this unexpected “intermission” has continued longer than any of us anticipated, the dust of progress is flying at Crystal Theatre.  Literally.  The extended down time has allowed us to undertake several projects, purge and reorganize storage areas, and clean every nook and cranny.  

Please consider Crystal Theatre as you plan your end-of-year giving.  While we’ve missed our friends and the energy from live performances, the theatre has also missed the income from an entire season.  Basic operational and maintenance expenses continue as usual and special projects have added extra costs.   As we enter 2021 after a disappointing 2020, we are committed to and carefully considering how to present programming in the coming season, while also remaining financially responsible for 2022 and beyond. All contributions are appreciated. * They are a show of our mutual commitment to bringing a variety of live performing arts to our community. 

This time of missing people, activities, and events will not last forever.  We will once again line up at the ticket booth, smell the popcorn, and welcome talented performers with our grateful applause.  Until then, be patient, be safe, and continue to bring joy to the world!

Join Us this Seasons

The Crystal Theatre brings you a new collection of special events and hand picked performances which are part of the “Gem of Season” collection. Mark you calendar and purchase your season tickets today. Don’t forget to ask about our new box seat options — see you at the Thearte.

A Growing Legacy

The Crystal Theatre is a historic theater located in Crystal Falls, MI in Iron County, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This historic theatre has local school drama plays, Instrumentalists, bands, singers, talent show, or organ concert on its impressive Möller Theater Pipe Organ or its renowned Steinway model ‘D’, concert grand piano. Learn More.

The Show Must Go On 

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