Technical Specifications


Click here to see a sketch of the stage.

  • Proscenium opening – 16’H x 36’W
  • Bullnose extension 5’ @ Ctr Stg
  • Depth Proscenium to rear canvas 15’
  • Proc to rear main* 13.5′
    • Add 5′ for bullnose stage extension beyond main curtain
  • Main curt to main curtain opening 31′
  • Leg to Leg +/- 2′ approx
  • Leg drapes are on roto-drape travelers
  • Wing space Stage R – 10′ x 7′ backstage right queue
  • Wing space Stage L – Approx 6′ x 8′ backstage left queue – piano stores here behind legs
  • 18″ pass-through to StgL behind rear main curtain and backdrop
  • All curtains and lighting are on dead-hung battens



Load-in is done from the rear alley entrance which provides a narrow stairway and 90deg right turn to the stage level. There is no stage level loading door. Large equipment and/or self-contained PA and lighting trusses may require entry through the theatre lobby entrance.

There is a 43” lift to the stage level from the auditorium floor once the stage is reached. There are decorative stairways on either side of the stage but there are no ramps.

Parking is available in the community lot behind the theatre for individual travelers. Tour buses can park on the east side of the theatre on 3rd street, or a half-block off in a neighboring business parking lot for the duration of the show.



5 independent circuits are available; two 4x stage pockets, one each stage L & R, one 4x receptacle located in the Stage Right wing, one 2x receptacle in the stage left storage area, and three 4x receptacles off the front of the stage bullnose.

We are proud to declare that we DO NOT experience any 60Hz crosstalk with our lighting and audio circuits!

There is no A/C-power stage-drop for independent guest audio company or artist provided sound reinforcement power requirements.



22 over-stage wash cans in RGB, small white center spot, and 2 large reflector white work lights.

24 large wall mounted Pars: 12 near-field on wall mounted racks in RGB gels and 12 balcony wall mounted with some minor diffusion gels

2 Chauvet spotlights are available for use in our balcony tech area


  • Behringer X32 console; FOH, cat6 tether to stage
  • PreSonus 16.4.2ai console; stage-side w/wireless iPad operation
  • 2x QSC KW12.2 12 inch powered main speakers
  • 4x QSC K10.2 monitor Wedges
  • 1x QSC K8.2 Center Stage Spkr
  • 2x Behringer 1220 floor wedge monitor
  • 2x Behringer 1210 floor wedge monitor
  • 2s Mackie SRM1550 Subwoofer
  • 6x X-Vive In-Ear Monitor sets
  • Shure microphones; SM57, SM58, 52a, 2 wireless 58’s, BG4.1 condenser
  • 3x Sennheiser e609 Instrument mics
  • Baldwin D10, 9’ Concert Grand Piano
  • Yamaha CX-7 Grand Piano
  • 8’ x 8’ x 16” skirted riser
  • Acrylic drum kit shield
  • 2x Acrylic guitar cabinet shields
  • 3x 4’x8’ Masonite dance shields
  • Stands- booms, round base, straight, black, chrome, instrument, music, guitar
  • Kawai MP5 Professional Stage Piano has impeccable sound quality, responsive touch, and powerful control capabilities. It has advanced Hammer Action IV with “Acoustic Reaction” technology and graded hammers to simulate the natural feel of an acoustic grand piano (see picture below).


Projector – Hitachi HITCPX5022WN PROJECTOR, XGA 5000 LUMEN 10LB LCD 3000:1 CONTRAST.

Screen – Draper 114618FN-Black Paragon/Series V 307 diag. (162×260) – Widescreen [16:10] – 1.3 Gain powered cinema screen situated in the balcony at 46’ from screen fly point. Screen is the 1st  dead hung fly after the Main Curtain traveler.

DVD Player – Sony BDP-S6700/BDP-BX670 Blu-ray with a Yamaha MG06X 6-channel Mixer for cinema audio interfacing.

The cinematic controls are located in a dedicated area in front of the stage, stage right, at the bottom of the decorative staircase. The component remote controls and player/mixer are kept with the player behind the stage sash. The dedicated mixer will have to be connected to power and the house speakers at each event.

We do not have short-throw projector capabilities, or decorative lighting for the stage Scrim at this time.



The Crystal Theatre seats approximately 530 per performance.  The sound board is located at the front of house. The light board is located at the back of the house in the balcony.