Donate to the Theatre


The Crystal Theatre counts on donations from generous individuals committed to this performing arts center. To make a Donation to the Crystal Theatre, click on the “Donate” button to donate any amount to the Crystal Theatre General Fund. Use the button to make a donation through paypal.

Purchase a Theatre Seat

For $150 you can purchase a theatre seat in your name or in the name of someone you would like to honor. Your name as the donor, will be engraved on a small brass tag and placed on the Donor Board in our lobby. A separate tag, with your loved one’s name (or your name, if you are buying a seat for yourself) will be placed on the back of a seat in the auditorium.

In 2012, we were able to put a new roof on the Theatre. In 2013, we raised enough money through donations to purchase a scissor lift.  With the “GIVE US A LIFT” fundraiser, we achieved the goal of purchasing the scissor lift which will make maintenance and repairs possible and much safer when it is above 8′ off the ground! In 2014, we started raising money for the WINDOW and MAINTENANCE FUND. We have raised enough money to purchase a new air conditioner for Stage Left that will be installed in the Spring of 2015. This fund will be collected on a continuous basis because we are needing to replace and repair the windows behind the marquee to the tune of $8000 PLUS as well as plaster repair to many places in the ceiling and walls. The FLY needs to be tuck pointed and repaired to prevent further water damage to the inside of the stage area. There is also a need to raise money for the DIGITAL MARQUEE FUND.  ALL of these needs take funding and we really count on you, our patrons and friends of Crystal Theatre, to help us maintain all these needs. These fundraising campaigns are ongoing efforts for the preservation of the historic building and to continue to bring you improved programming. THANK YOU for your continued support to Crystal Theatre!