Welcome to the Historic Crystal Theatre  

This Monday, July 12, we were made aware that a fully vaccinated person became symptomatic on their way home from the Friday evening performance at Crystal Theatre and tested positive for COVID on Monday morning.  Contact was immediately made with the Health Department. We agreed with the DIDHD that due to the number of people in attendance on Friday night that a public announcement was prudent.  This seems to be an isolated incident. We are pleased that the DIDHD takes any such concerns in our community seriously and we have taken the most cautionary route. All common surfaces have been disinfected – as they are after every performance  – and the Theatre has been vacant for several days following Friday’s event.   We asked for a review of our protocol from the DIDHD  to assure that best practices were in place,  and we’ve been given a green light to move forward with scheduled events.  When reopening in June the Theatre adopted the following protocol:

  • All staff and volunteers at the Theatre will either mask or have provided proof of vaccination.  If you would like us to mask-up while interacting with you, just let us know. Your safety and comfort are important to us.
  • Extra ushers will be on hand to help with social distanced seating and with navigating entering and exiting the Theatre.
  • Masks and sanitation stations are available throughout the Theatre.
  • All common surfaces are disinfected at the close of each event.

We are looking forward to providing live music this Thursday and Friday. Anyone with questions or concerns is welcome to call the Theatre at 906.875.3208

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The Crystal Theatre brings you a new collection of special events and hand picked performances which are part of the “Gem of Season” collection. Mark you calendar and purchase your season tickets today. Don’t forget to ask about our new box seat options — see you at the Thearte.

A Growing Legacy

The Crystal Theatre is a historic theater located in Crystal Falls, MI in Iron County, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This historic theatre has local school drama plays, Instrumentalists, bands, singers, talent show, or organ concert on its impressive Möller Theater Pipe Organ or its renowned Steinway model ‘D’, concert grand piano. Learn More.

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